The Design Framework for LagoonBay Lifestyle Estate is consistent with the Building Design Guidelines of the provincial government of the Western Cape as is contemplated in the policy framework for the Western Cape Coastal zone.

In essence it recognizes the historic architectural qualities that have evolved over more than 200years in the Cape. Buildings are to reflect this history in the building form, roof type, colour, texture, etc. Building form must be constructed consistent with the traditional Cape building form or the ‘letter of the alphabet’ namely I; T; U; H or variations thereof. Roofs must be double pitch and gray in colour.


Corrugated iron ‘s’ profile, gray slate or thatch must be used. Building colour must be light earth colors.

External walls must be plastered and painted. Limited use of sandstone plinths are allowed with special permission of the LagoonBay architect. The use of verandahs, (stoeps), pergolas and other traditional building elements is encouraged.